Saturday, August 29, 2009

Room Design

Well we have been back from Africa for a week. I thought I would be able to push aside thoughts about decorating my home for several months but one of the blogs I follow has brought those thoughts forward. Chronicles of a Mommy is having a contest in celebration of her 300th post and is giving away her personal design time to 3 lucky followers. I have been followng her blog for a while now and have loved every idea she posts. Definately check her out if you love home decor ideas as much as I do.

What will I have her help me with if I win?

How about my family room. It has been a source of loss for me since we moved in.

The kitchen, I love it but it is sort of blank, would love to accesorize it a little more.

How about just giving me some ideas for things I would love to re-purpose in our house. I see potential but haven't quite figured out what it is supposed to be. Like a mirror off a dresser John got at some job, or the cabinets out of the last kitchen he remodeled.

So much potential. And she said if you have no money to spend she can still help and give ideas. Love that since...I have no money to spend.

Check out her 300th post here and be inspired and sign up as my competition.

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  1. First of all, that kitchen of yours is divine! LOVE it. Second of all, flattery gets you EVERYWHERE with me. LOL You can soooo be my new BFF. :D Thanks for the shout out and I'll log your extra entries. Woohoo! Good Luck!