Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pamoja 09

Only 3 days until we leave for our trip to Kenya. As I have shared in the past it has been 10 years of passion and dreaming to bring us to this point. I can't believe we are finally here and actually doing this. I have recently been telling people, and may have said this on the blog here, that we aren't just stepping out of our comfort zone but we are taking a giant leap into the abyss of non-comfort zone. It is a step of craziness. Well just when you need it God brings in a response to your fears.

Last Sunday a former intern at our church and personal friend was in town to preach. He and his family moved to Kentucky last fall to start a new church. They moved to a place where they knew nobody and were starting a church simply with the members of his family, lots of prayer and faith. And now almost a year later they have a small growing group excited to help them get a new church off the ground. As he was sharing with us he compared church planting to standing on the edge of the grand canyon and having God ask you to take a step forward. You begin to take the step in faith and when you finally commit and move your weight forward suddenly a little more land appears under your feet. But just enough for that step.

As I thought about our non-comfort zone abyss lying before us it was encouraging to be reminded that God will not let us fall into nothingness but will be there to catch us and keep us safe. We don't know what is ahead of us but Praise the Lord, He does.

I created a blog for our team to share stories from the trip. I started us off by posting the testimony I shared at church this morning and someone added a post about the packing party we had after church today for the computers we are bringing with us. You can check us out here and check back throughout the next month for updates on our trip. Here is a picture of most of our team taken this afternoon.


  1. Hey Mel! It's Julia's SIL Andrea here. I posted a comment at 2 this morning while I was awake with a teething baby and a hungry baby in my tummy, but I think the comment disappeared! Or I didn't do it right in my sleepy state. Just wanted to say I'm so excited for you guys and have loved reading about all God has done already! And also, your laptop might be dual voltage, most are I think. Just look at the adaptor on your power cord and if it says input:100-240 you should be fine. I've used my laptop all over the world and have only ever needed a plug adaptor, no converters (you can get a kit of plug adaptors at Target I think). That's true for most camera battery chargers, too. Will be praying for the drop toilet and all that, yikes! (: I wouldn't count on them having toilet paper everywhere, those little packets of tissues are SO handy to have around, wouldn't hurt to throw a bunch in your suitcase. (: Anyway, can't wait to hear stories, enjoy!!!

  2. Wow, I came over from my blog to have a look at yours and look at you! What you are doing is amazing. I can't wait to read all about your trip!