Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking Straight Ahead

My throat hurts. Really. I don't want to talk. I just want to lay down. But I am up at the crack of dawn because I can't sleep. I need to choose the right drug this morning that will take care of it and I need it to clear up within the next day so I can move on. I don't want to spend the next few days as a whiner pants. Even if I do keep my whining to myself. I don't even want to listen to myself whine for the next few days. Please pray for my sore throat.

Today is the day! I thought I would do one more post before launching into a day filled with new experiences.

My morning prayer time with God brought me this message that I am taking to Africa:

Proverbs 4:25, "Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you."

As the day has come closer I am already starting to wonder what will be for me when we get back. And I know while I am there I will think about that and might begin to worry about our finances, I am already worried something will happen while we are there that we can't get back for, and I am sure there will be things happening there that will distract me as well. Yet God is asking me to simply "look straight ahead". To look at what I am doing, what HE is doing right in front of me and be part of that. No looking back home at what is happening. No worrying about the future and what is to come. I will fix my gaze directly before me as I step forward on this path he has laid out.

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  1. They are off. We delivered them in 2 cars to airport. The whole crew and 12 computers were checked in outside. They are so excited and so are we. Please pray for safety, health and ministry.