Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I think I am just about done packing. I will need to throw in our daily use toiletries in the morning but then I think I can zip them all up and head on out. Can you believe it? We should be quite the horse and pony show schlepping all our stuff through the airport. Here is a little preview:

This is the checked toiletry bag. I also added towels. You can see the bags I showed the other day, with many added things to them, and the fancy new hats I picked up at REI so that we can all be shaded from the sun. The ones for John and Jake even have a bug repellent in them.

This is a carry on with extra food, prescription drugs we can't loose, extra books, craft stuff for Isabelle, food,etc. and an extra pair of underwear and our toothbrushes in case we loose some luggage.

Carry on backpack number one with books, coloring stuff, passports, food, and some toys. Anti bacterial stuff and wet wipes. My Dramamine and of course I could do 17 hours of Sudoku.

Possibly the most important bag we bring. The dvd player. Also the dvd's and John will add his laptop. plug adaptors and power converter and some of the money (don't tell anyone where it is.)

Isabelle and my suitcase with everything we are going to wear for 17 days.

John and Jake's suitcase. The shoes around it still need to be added. I am seriously concerned that this will be over the 50 pound weight limit and will cost us an extra $50. At this point I am prepared to pay it if necessary.

But that is not all, oh no that's not all. We are bringing a Tenor Sax that we are selling to someone in Kenya, a stroller, a Kelty child carrier our camera bag (with more money in it, shhh) and Isabelle will have a Dora backpack for her baby, stuffed animals and the blanket we cannot live without.

I know it is an obscene amount to bring, I really like to travel with as little as possible, but I really feel I need everything we are bringing. We are talking 17 hours with a 4 year old!

Wish us luck trying to get all this past he airline without an extra charge. :)

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