Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Menu number 2

OK I know you are all dying to know what I will eat this week so I thought I would share again:

I am repeating a couple recipes from last week that I never made. I also thought I would share that I found a spelt pizza crust at Whole Foods for Pizza. And another old recipe that I can still eat: Mix chopped up baked chicken with a chopped red pepper and a chopped red onion and pour bbq sauce over the whole thing, mix, pour on crust, top with a little rice cheese and bake. Yummy. OK OK I admit that after eating it I looked at the ingredients on my Famous Daves bbq sauce and discovered that the first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup and it also contained soy and wheat so clearly I will have to find a more natural brand or learn to make my own but none the less the pizza was great.

On to this week:

Curried apple and cauliflower soup—I got a book from the library called “gluten free vegan” so I am going to try a couple recipes from there this week.

Mushroom and Olive Pizza—also from the gf vegan book. Has a recipe for pizza crust that I might try.

Chicken Thai lettuce wraps from last Sunday.

Cornbread bbq chicken bake—from last week that I didn’t make. I did find a cornbread mix that I can eat.

Tilapia with the broccoli/ginger salad.—again from last week that I didn’t make.

Turkey Tacos-Jake and John like soft shelled tacos but I prefer to make a salad with corn tortilla chips.—I wonder what is in the seasoning packet I usually buy? Will I have to make my own seasoning? We shall see.

John and I are having an “off-site” meeting this coming weekend, staying at a friends cabin, so we are going to go out to dinner Saturday night. Don’t know what I will eat but they do have a couple nice restaurants in town. I guess if I am not eating anything we can afford to go a little fancier. I have planned a few snacks and lunches to eat while we work. I am going to cheat a little with some banana bread during the “tea time” break that I have in the agenda for the weekend. I did buy some gluten free flour from Bob’s Red Mill but it looks like I need a little xanthum gum to go with it and I bought date sugar but it is still sugar so I still shouldn't eat it (that is the cheating part). I was also wondering if there were any recipes out there for gluten free bread in the bread machine. It is one of those things I haven’t brought myself to purge from the kitchen even thought I haven’t used it in years. Maybe it will come in handy now?


  1. sounds fun to be at chuck and jills this weekend for your "business meeting"...will they be there too?

    I think I might need to start planning my menus again...I got such joy from it, but it requires a lot of time, thought, preplannign and effort to do it well and I feel like I am pulled in a million directions right now.

    I just cheated by putting about 1 T of white chocolate coconut coffee creamer in my coffee. I bought it for my bible study but it sounded good and i wanted to try it...lucky for me, i enjoy straight up black coffee more, so i won't be tempted again, unless I am craving a latte, this would be a good compromise.

    keep up the good work!

  2. Not sure if this is useful, but they have some gf bread machine recipes on the Bob's site. I found them under recipes and gluten free. Good luck!