Friday, January 9, 2009

Mentoring Part 3--raising children

While I feel like I have been avoiding mentoring for years when I really think about it I have been mentoring 2 very important people for 14+ years now, my children. Having children forces you into a mentor role. You have little people to mold and develop. The responsibility hits you like a truck shortly after you bring your first child home. While ultimately they make their own choices, when they are born you feel like the full responsibility for their future rests solely on your shoulders.

When they were born I thought about who they might become and how I could prepare them to be ready for whatever purpose God has for them. Children also help you become a better you as you try to model the attitudes and behaviors you would like to see develop in them. How do you do all that? Maybe the first Titus woman in my life, that 5th grade girl, influenced my parenting a little.

Over the years I have tried to be patient with my children as they try new things and mess up over and over. I remember to not assume they know how to do things but take time to teach them even the simplest of things when I see them struggling. I believe in my children and their ability to improve. I encourage them to pursue their dreams. I try to show my children kindness. Make them feel special and loved at all times. And I try to never make fun of them but to always make them feel they can be themselves at home. It isn't always easy but I believe it has made a difference.

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  1. very nice. I am enjoying the mentoring series very much.

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