Saturday, January 17, 2009


My sister and I enjoy quoting our mom. She has lots of little saying that got us through our childhood and now into our adult lives. She had the classics when we were kids like, "because I said so" but the ones that were just her are the bests. Two of our favorites continue to be in use today, "Well, I don't know what to tell you...". This is always followed by her admitting she did something that you are annoyed by. And, "I did what I had to do" which is usually preceded by her spending alot of money. Typically my dad hears them go together like this, "Well, I don't know what to tell you, I did what I had to do." And then she shows you her expensive new coach purse or tells him about the toy or outfit she just bought for one or all of her 10 grandchildren. (sorry mom I am telling your secrets.)

(I don't know what is wrong with my hair in this picture but sadly it was the best one I could find of us together.)

As fun as it is to use her momisms I have always wondered if I had my own and what my children would be laughing about when they were grown. Monday afternoon it hit me what one of them will be.

I had just gotten off work with Isabelle, it had been snowing all morning and it was time for lunch so we were getting a little grouchy. I had no food in the house so couldn't go straight home to hole up for the day but had to first hit the grocery store. I push the grocery cart into the parking lot and through the slushy snow to my car, grab a bag and go to open the door and start the car before putting Isabelle in. She starts yelling at me that I have forgotten her and she is still in the cart. (as if I could forget) I walk back to get her and say, "I am sorry but I can only do 12 things at once." Ha ha. That is it, "I can only do 12 things at once". I tell my kids that all the time when they are demanding things of me. I have been saying it since Jake was little. The moment it came out of my mouth Monday I knew it was one of my momisms.

So what is your momism? What do you say all the time? Don't be shy. Post a comment and tell me.


  1. Actually.... I say actually A LOT! You know it's bad when your 6 year old has the word, along with the mannerisms, down pat.

  2. I pondered mine and came up with...
    1. Seriously...
    2. Lets rumble.
    3. What is the problem here???
    4. Are you KIDDING me???!!

    Had to add that one of my favorites of moms is: "You just had to be there." It also usually follows "I don't know what to tell you"., why didn't you care about our grades or help us with our homework? "I don't know what to tell you, you just had to be there."

    love ya mom! :)

  3. I thought of one more...

    WHY do you keep calling my name????!!!!

    I say this a million times a day in response to the zillion times my children say "Mooooooooom!" a day. Drives me nuts, I think I'll change my name...I will now only respond to Her Royal Highness.

  4. I say "I don't know what to tell you" all the time. Another I find myself saying (and, I need to stop) is "You are getting on my last nerve!"