Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mentoring part 4-Into Africa--My final thoughts

I think God likes to mess with us a little. So he works in the life of someone like me, shy, insecure and easily intimidated, to work his purpose and push into challenges I would rather avoid. I like to organize ministries not actually minister. I will plan the women's tea but please don't ask me to teach the women. I would organize the discipleship ministry but do I have to actually talk face to face with someone?

We are going on a missions trip next summer to Kenya. I am busy organizing fundraising efforts and thinking through ways to involve our whole church. Yet in the back of my mind I am also starting to realize that when I get there I won't be at my computer planning something, I will be there doing something, seeing people and talking with them. That is frightening. What will I say? What will they say? How should I act? What will they think of me? I have never done anything even remotely like this trip. Do I have anything to offer someone whose life is so vastly different from mine? What if I say or do the wrong thing?

Could the mentoring that God is beginning to teach me in my life here be related to this trip to Kenya? As I am learning to encourage and listen to others I am gaining confidence I can bring with me to Africa. God is standing by me and preparing me here to do his work so why would he abandon me in Africa? I am going to trust God to give me the right words and to bring them right where they need to go. So now 28 years after that nice 5th grade girl took time to mentor me in the art of coloring, I am opening my heart up to do the same both here and anywhere God might lead me.

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  1. A wonderful post of Gods work in your life and the strength of Godly character you possess to be an intregal part of His work both in and out of your home. I love and admire you!