Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another addition of Not Me! Monday. Apparently the link with the picture isn't working today but if you click the link above you can read about lots of other people who did not do anything strange this week.

I did not get 101 Dalmatians from the library last week and the proceed to let Isabelle watch it 5 times in a row. Nope I wouldn't do that. I would never realize after 2 watchings that she was re-starting it and decide to let her keep going so I could continue to work around the house uninterrupted. Nope I would never prioritize cleaning and playing on the computer over my daughters well being. I limit screen time at my house.

I did not let my 3 year old eat tortilla chips for dinner last night because it was the only thing in the house she would eat. I have never put her to bed without dinner because she doesn't like anything and wasn't complaining that she was hungry. No way. Nutrition is a top priority for me.

I did not give my girlfriend a Christmas wrapped banana bread that I had left over just to get rid of it. And since I didn't do that I didn't have to confess to her that I was doing that. I wouldn't do that because I would want her to feel special. I did not suggest to my husband the next morning that he eat the last bread I had made for Christmas gifts. He did not discover that it was all moldy and uneatable. I did not then have to quickly email my girlfriend to apologize for giving her moldy banana bread and promise to make her a fresh loaf. She then did not email me back that she had already eaten the bread and it was great and she hoped she didn't eat mold. If I did do that I would be amazingly grateful for the wonderful friend I have who is so understanding of my crazy quirks. But since I would never do that I don't have to worry about that.

I did not send my son on an overnight winter retreat with our church wearing only a lined fleece coat even thought it is January in Minnesota. I did not do this because I am still mad at him for loosing his leather jacket and refuse to get him a new one. I have not been hiding this fact from my mom because she bought the lost jacket and she is not now reading this in horror. She did not give him the fleece jacket he wore for Christmas or otherwise he would be stuck with no jacket at all. Jake is not a stubborn teenager who refuses to acknowledge the fact that it is January in Minnesota and admit he might be cold walking to and from school. Nope none of that happened because my son respects and values his possessions and I care enough for him to prevent frostbite.

I did not pack my clothes and makeup in a backpack and drive out to the club by my mom's house to work out and then shower before bringing Isabelle over to play for the day. I did not realize as I stepped onto the elliptical trainer that I forgot to pack my bra and therefore was going to either have to spend the day braless or go home before heading to my afternoon appointment. I was not talking on the phone with my sister while rushing home and got pulled over by a cop. He did not tell me that I drove past him and then drove around another car without signaling either lane change. I did not realize that I was so into my conversation that I had no recollection of ever changing lanes and certainly didn't notice myself passing a cop. Since none of that happened I didn't have a whole conversation with God while waiting for the ticket about the fact that we are really trying to be careful with our money this month and could not afford a speeding ticket, and I didn't have to then admit to Him that I knew it was totally my fault and so I deserved the ticket. God did not then bless me with a warning instead of a ticket. And since none of that happened I didn't have to gush like a big dork to the cop when he gave me the warning. He was not looking at me like I was a lunatic.

Oh man that did not feel good to get off my chest. :)

Have a great day and go check MckMama's blog for more fun.


  1. Good Stuff!! The twists and turn of family life. This is what creates memories and growth in all of us.

  2. I swear I do not know what is wrong with boys! My son has "lost" more stuff than I can count. The part about the ticket totally had me laughing! And, I have given my daughter marshmallows before, because that is all she would eat! Great list...

  3. that was one of the funniest not me mondays I have read! mom seems to have handled the leather jacket news pretty well...

  4. I LOVE this post. Poor Jake, it's amazing that body numbing cold doesn't make more of an impression. :) Though I distinctly remember walking to school with ballet flats on and no socks... We've all been there I guess. :)