Friday, September 7, 2012

2nd Grade

It somehow seemed wrong to not do a post of the first day of school.  Even though these are the same pictures I put on facebook and so they seem a little redundant.  If you aren't facebook friends with me feel free to find me there.  Someday I will put a facebook link on this blog.  But right now it just feels like one more thing to do...

Anyway, 2nd grade!  I am not totally sure that Isabelle knows school is for learning.  I mean she does learn there, she is very bright but, she goes for the fashion show.  The night before she needed to wash her hair and then I HAD to braid it so it would be curly in the morning.  5 braids around her head plus one more of just her bangs.  Lovely.

 So we were watching this movie the other night, I forget the name, and it wasn't really worth looking up anyway, but one of the 4 girls in the movie was a budding actress and the other girls were asking her about what it was like to get head shots taken.  So she was teaching them about what to do... Head down, think of your favorite thing and then flip up your head and snap the picture.  So here she is just after flipping back her head.  This is the stuff she soaks in and never forgets.

 And yes we did consider several options before laying out this lovely ensemble the night before.  The leg up is cute but the goal is to show off those shoes.

 And off she goes to 2nd grade.  It is hard to watch her walk away every year.  She has a whole life and set of experiences at school that I am not a part of.  But I know this is still where God wants her so until that changes I am trusting Him to be there when I am not.

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