Thursday, August 2, 2012

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I just know you love the day by day minutia of my life.   Actually since this is still mainly read by people who actually know me you probably do.  And if you don't know me...welcome to my world.

So for pretty much all summer, starting last spring, Isabelle has been pointing out this wasp nest that was being built in the eaves of our gazebo right outside our back door.  But since it wasn't by the door to the gazebo and we have screens on it I pretty much was just ignoring it and watching it grow.  Finally it seemed to be at a stage where maybe we should do something about it.  I alerted John, who had not seen how big it was, and he jumped to action finding a can of old wasp killer in our garage.

Note:  Kills on Contact

There it is covered in the killing foam.  

Can you see all those yellow specks?  They literally dropped the to ground when John sprayed the hive. (that is the cover to our grill if you are wondering.)

Then we noticed there were still plenty flying around but now they were re-routing to our old grill.  The broken one just sitting there next to the one we actually use.

Yep, it is in there.

Another one bites the dust.

We thoroughly searched the rest of the crevices in the area without finding any more, ok we did find 2 other hives probably from past years but not in use, and with the 2 hives gone we seem to have rid ourselves of wasps for the rest of the summer.

We are homeowners, hear us roar.

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