Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

I must confess that I never really thought I would have anything to say about sibling rivalry.  At least not where my own children are concerned. (Now my own siblings is another story...)

Folly and Crisis are almost 11 years apart.  I didn't expect they would ever be fighting over the same toy or both wanting to sit on my lap together.   Being of the opposite sex I didn't think I would ever hear my son complain that I let Isabelle get her ears pierced younger than him or how unfair that she had more dolls to play with than he did.

Crossing those off the list I figured I was good.  And to this point it has been good.  But suddenly something has happened.  Isabelle isn't a baby anymore.  She isn't a little toddler wandering around the house who doesn't understand the world around her and can be easily re-directed elsewhere when she gets in your way.

And so here I sat this weekend listening to my children bicker in the basement.  My 16 year old son and my 5 year old daughter fighting back and forth about how loud the tv was and touching his stuff like they were both 5 year olds.  Isabelle yelling that she is not short, don't call her short and Jake egging her on telling her that she is in fact short.  I sat upstairs listening and laughing and half expected to hear one of them come running up the stairs to tattle.  And I don't mean the little one.

While over all I still think I am off the hook on the whole sibling fighting issues it is fun to know some things are the same no matter the age.


  1. Haha great post! I think it would be supremely funny to hear those two argue. I can't picture it. Glad to know that they're human. :)