Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Every year we all have holiday traditions we enjoy not only within our families but as a society on the whole.  We eat turkey for Thanksgiving, hide baskets from the Easter bunny, set off fireworks on the 4th of July and we carve pumpkins for Halloween.  We take for granted that everyone has done it and grew up doing it.

Then you make new friends.  Our friends Sam and Mwende didn't grow up in this country.  They didn't eat a Turkey, find baskets from the Easter bunny or carve pumpkins on Halloween.  And after 20 years in this country Sam still had never had a pumpkin carving tutorial from anyone.

Well being their son, Leumas', godparents they have stated that one of our roles is to help them give him an American childhood.  But I have to say that experiencing these things with Sam and Mwende for the first time is as much fun as experiencing them with a child.

John shared his pumpkin carving knowledge with him.

Mwende and I got our hands dirty sorting the seeds for roasting.

Little Leumas had fun watching daddy.  (isn't that what it is all about?)

Isabelle felt the face couldn't not be made without her creative input.

Sam planning his master piece.

A successful first Halloween pumpkin.

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  1. "Isabelle felt the face couldn't not be made without her creative input." SHOCKING... :P What a fun experience to get to share! For a first-timer, that's a very nice pumpkin!