Monday, March 1, 2010

The Headless Snowman

Could spring possibly be coming?  Not to say it is anywhere near Minnesota on March 1st but, could it possibly be on it's way?

This poor guy who our family made on Christmas day,

Has finally lost his head.  It had melted into a what looked like its skull this past week and I kept thinking I should take a picture.  When I woke up Sunday morning I could see he was doomed and by the time I was done with breakfast he was the headless snowman.
Today I finally got outside to photograph him for you.  We like how he is leaning over on one arm like an old man.  It was better with the head.  Sorry.  I will have to act more in the moment next time rather than just thinking about what a lovely photo contrast it would be with the melting head.  I guess a good idea without action isn't worth much.  I am learning. (by the way, the path past the snowman is Jake's trail through the yard to school each day...trivia.)

As I was walking back to the door I found this peaking around the corner at me:
Apparently her blankie was getting cold from the open door.  I guess we will be staying in a little longer.

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