Saturday, March 6, 2010


Isabelle is officially 5 years old.  Several parties and celebrations later it has definately not snuck up on us but has come full of energy and enthusiasm for the year to come.

The celebrations began the day before, a trip to Build-a Bear with a girlfriend of mine who is in love with Isabelle.

Isabelle chose a kitty and helped make her new favorite animal.

She really loves it.

A red outfit to finish it up and we were off to lunch with Kim.

While we were gone John was setting up her new bed and rearranging the furniture so that she could wake up as a 5 year old in her new room:

She is loving sleeping on a big girl bed (she had been in a toddler bed converted from the crib.)  She says it is like sleeping over at Grandma's house.  Grandma was ahead of us in the bed department.

We kept the day fairly low key, she enjoyed being the center of attention at our normal morning bible study and had been reminding the leader of her Wednesday night class of her up coming birthday for weeks.

We decided to let Isabelle tell us where she wanted to go for dinner.  She chose her favorite restaurant, McDonald's.  Since we would be going straight to church from there we decided on a before dinner cake:

She shared her cake with Jake's friend Jaxon who was going to church with Jake

And her brother Jake.


All that sugar was followed up with a meal of grease and washed down with a few swigs of her brother's pop.  Swamp water Jaxon called it, we used to call it a suicide.  Several flavors mixed together.

But that is not all, oh no, that's not all...

After relaxing on Thursday we had a party with 2 of her girlfriends on Friday afternoon.  There was cupcake making

A craft to do

Candy to eat (after a pinata I forgot to photograph)

Gifts to open

Cupcakes to decorate and eat

And a little time to just hang with friends

Another fun party.  But that is STILL not all.  OH NO that is not all.

The family cannot be neglected in this celebration and so Saturday night We celebrated with the family.

John made a candy tree for me with the left over candy from the pinata.

It was a "surprise" party as requested by her.  John took her to the store for a couple last minute items while everyone arrived.  Although she was fully aware there was a party she was still surprised when everyone jumped out.  I think surprise parties turned out to be a little scarier than she anticipated.

Her cousins greeted her and she quickly perked up and had fun playing with them. 

After dinner we opened the gifts.

And then in keeping with tradition sang happy birthday and she blew out the candles for the 3rd time in celebration of turning 5.  (While wearing the new ballet outfit from grandma.)

And lest we forget there was a 4th celebration back in January before the other grandma went to Florida.  Another year properly celebrated.

I look forward to the new and exciting adventures Isabelle and I will have this year.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl.

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