Saturday, May 23, 2009

zombie proofing and gum wrapper baseball

I seems to be a Jake time of year. The last post was about him, this post is about him and likely with the activities of next week there is sure to be another about him soon. But that is the end of the school year for you. Lots of activities to write about and moments to be proud.

With the transition to Edina schools this year Jake has been busy making new friends. We have felt so blessed that he has been accepted into the school and have had so much fun getting to know his new friends. A few of them live walking distance and so with the arrival of the nice weather and the end of play rehearsals he has been spending alot of time with them after school. Somehow they never end up here. Could it be our lack of x-box 360? Jake has deemed our house "boring" and doesn't like to invite friends over.

I had been dreaming of Jake's friends hanging out at our house but now I am learning to find other ways into his life. He has deemed our house fun enough for parties. One friend over is boring, but 15 friends over is fun. So I am already looking forward to his birthday party in June. And last night we discovered that we can hang with them if we drive them somewhere.

One of Jake's friends had been to a burger joint in St. Paul called "The Nook" and convinced them all they should go there for dinner. I don't know what all the other parents said but we agreed to drive them 30 minutes across town for dinner. It was only a couple blocks off the path to Jake's old school so we were familiar with the area. Plus we always love an adventure, especially when it involves food. There was a 45 minute wait for this tiny restaurant so we had to sit outside. Luckily it was a nice night. Thomas, one of Jake's friends, decided to teach them gum wrapper baseball which he invented to play at school between classes. (how much passing time do they have???) This entertained us (and the other waiting patrons) for about 30 minutes:

You use a pen to hit the balled up gum wrapper with.

Not to be outdone Isabelle posed for the camera: This same group of boys made a video discussing the need to zombie proof the school. I believe this somehow fulfilled an assignment for government class. I have no idea what the criteria was but apparently this is "A" work. Jake plays a zombie.

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  1. Wow...I love this family. The zombie movie made me laugh so hard... :D