Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I am having a lovely Mother's Day today. I was able to get up and take a short run this morning and returned to my cards and gifts. My wonderful husband and son came up with a gift theme they thought would be appropriate, Africa. I got African Red Bush tea and a CD of African music. Isabelle chose a music card with a jamaican song. She doesn't understand themes. She did "write" a note to me on the envelope and read it to me. It was so precious about how much she loved me and what a good mother I am. I actually teared up it was so precious. I really wanted her to do it again on video so while I was getting ready John gave it a shot. There were 3 take but none quite as good as the original. Still they are cute so here you go:

Take 2 was very similar with the tire swing (which she did not mention in the original precious one) but she also added something about getting eggs and me being cheap. Where does this stuff come from??? I mean yes I am trying to be more frugal but cheap? Have I been saying that word? Has someone else been telling her that her mom is cheap? (grandma?) Take 3 was also cute but not worth posting. Actually I was going to post all 3 for you but it is taking so long to post just one that I will only torture you with this one version.

After church we went out to lunch at the restaurant in Macy's. It is traditionally a place I lunch with my mom and a bit of a girly restaurant but we had a wonderful time. Then I decided that while I spend my every day with Isabelle I don't get enough Jake time so we dropped off John and Isabelle and Jake and I headed out. First we hit Best Buy to look at gaming systems and cameras. Something for each of us. And then we spent a great deal of time looking at book at Barnes and Noble. Finally we sat and chatted over a little Caribou coffee. He is a wonderful son and I enjoy being with him. Then we decided we should pick up something for dinner. I was reminded that my sister had recently gotten crab legs for some celebration (birthday? anniversary?) and I had been wishing I thought of that kind of thing when we were having a special night. So Jake and I ran to the grocery store, picked up some crab legs and John has been busy cooking since I returned home.

The day has been like a vacation, exactly what Mother's day should be.

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