Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Urban Wildlife

I got out this morning for my run. It was a lovely run. The sky was overcast with a slight warm breeze, about 55 degrees and the ground was damp from an early rain. I love the smell of the world on these days when everything is fresh and fragrant. On my route today I saw 2 geese and their new 5 new baby ducklings just sitting on the side of the road as I ran by. I love those moments where I get to see wildlife close up rather than glimpsing it as I speed by in the car or watch it on tv.

I have had some amazing encounters with nature here in the city. (OK suburb, but near the city.) I often have wished to live in the country. When life gets crazy I think it would be nice to go sit alone in the woods. But maybe I don't have to go very far to experience nature. At least not the wildlife that goes with it.

A few weeks ago I ran by 6 mallard ducks just walking down the road together like neighbors out for a little exercise and conversation. You would think I lived near a lake. Where do they come from?

I have had deer hanging out in my backyard and then hopping the fence to lay down for a nap in my neighbors yard.

2 years ago birds nested in the hanging baskets outside our back door. One day I opened the back door as a large hawk flew out of them having taken care of the eggs.

There are wild turkeys living in the next neighborhood over, one of my neighbors was almost attacked by them on a walk. I have seen them but they stayed put as I walked quickly by.

I have looked out the kitchen window to see a fox strolling down the alley.

And most amazingly last summer I stood right next to (we are talking less than 5 feet) a hawk sitting on a neighbors fence post. Just as I gazed down at what he was standing on he lifted off flinging up the chipmunk he was holding to grab with both legs as he flew away. The National Geographic Channel has nothing on a simple walk around my block.

Rumor has it there are some cougars living near the creek down the road, maybe this summer I will catch a glimpse of one on an evening stroll.

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  1. I was with you till the cougar part... I don't think I want to run into one of those. :) Glad your morning runs are going so well! Sorry I didn't get back to you when you called. I'd love to go.