Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

Time for "Not Me Monday". Click on the link above to check out what others are "not" doing.

I did not think up some good ones for LAST Monday and then forget to post them and now a week later have no idea what they were.

I did not go to Jake's school conferences with Isabelle and let her run around the cafeteria in her socks while I talked with all his teachers.
I did not discover that he has a C- first quarter in the class that is normally his strongest.
His Government teacher did not tell me he was surprised Jake only had a B+ in the class and wonder what had gone wrong the last few weeks.
I did not spend too long "discussing" with Jake how much more important his grades were than the school play.

I did not forget my cell phone, Isabelle's ear muffs and scarf at the school after conferences. I did not have John text Jake to pick them up after play practice. Jake did not decide that since the text was sent 2 hours earlier I probably already came back and got them and so he did not come home without ever even checking. Jake would never do that because I have raised him to be so responsible.

I did not get a call from a friend while "discussing" Jake's grades with him. She did not leave a message asking me to call her back on her cell phone. I did not realize that I only have her cell number in my cell phone and couldn't look it up on caller ID because our cordless phone has NOT been lost for over a week somewhere in our house and the wall phone caller ID is NOT out of batteries. That would just be unorganized and I am much more on top of my life than that. This did not cause me to stop what I was doing and drive up to the school just to get my phone and return her call. And since I was so kind to do that, she did not not answer the phone.

I did not shamelessly beg one of Jake's new friends from school to accept my facebook friend request so that I could comment on the photos she is posting of Jake and the others in the play even though she told Jake she has a "no parents" policy. She did not finally accept my request nor did she warn me that "some material may be inappropriate for parental viewing". I am not asking myself if I should be worried or if I should continue to trust my son and my excellent parenting. :)

I did not order a coffee at Caribou on Wednesday and accidentally forget to have them make it a Decaf which did not cause me to be shaking for 3 hours that afternoon and wondering why I even bother to drink the calorie laden things. I did not wonder between that and the 6 pounds I have gained since this summer if possibly I need to stop eating so much junk and get back to actually planning dinner and making it rather than just eating junk and ordering out.

I am not seriously considering applying for a 5-9am job even though I am not a morning person.

I did not think that I wouldn't be able to come up with so much stuff for this post off the top of my head.


  1. that was great! I could not get in a groove with it and so had nothing to post.

    i am disturbed by the new friend...but way to go stalking her until you got if she de-friends you, you will have to start to worry. Now I know what the "sorry mom" comment meant. lets discuss.

    i have asked jake if i can friend britta, since she is talking to me through photo commments anyway.

    long live the cyber world! :)

  2. Wow, impressive! Isn't it fun to have a teacher's conference with a preschooler? And, in my case, a 9 month old??? Thanks for visiting my's great to meet ya!

  3. I need to eat better and cook more at home too! Totally with ya!

  4. I've got something for you on my blog. Check it out...