Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Christmas Tour of Homes

BooMama is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes over at her site and I couldn't resist participating.

Welcome to my home. The weather dropped some beautiful snow at my doorstep last night just for you:

But it is really cold so don't stay out long.

This year I wanted to keep my decorations pretty simple and I didn't want to buy anything new. I stuck with the traditional red and green color palate and I am happy with the simple but festive results:

The tree:

The Piano:

The Mantle:

Our stockings are a family tradition. My parents had them made when I was 5 and then when I married they had a new one made for John, much longer than mine. Each new family member has gotten a matching stocking and each new stocking seems to be a little longer until our original ones are looking a little sad. I still love my original stocking and the memories of my sister and I wearing them around the house when we were little but apparently my brother was feeling a little left out in his family so this year he and his wife will be getting new ones that say "mom" and "dad".

The TV Cabinet:

This is something new I created. A few years ago a friend and I did a table decorating presentation and we made these pots which I have loved since. I had these flat evergreen things which I just stuck into the foam in the pots and then put in a couple little picks at the bottom so it looks fuller than it really is and I am very happy with how it turned out. Our wise men are hanging out with them until Epiphany when they finally get to the baby Jesus.

The Nativities:

I love nativity sets, there are so many different kinds and they are so beautiful. I have two out this year. The traditional one and the kid one. Currently Isabelle's fabric set is sitting on the shelf with the videos. Everyone has been banished from the stable so that the DVDs can hang out. Of course despite having her own I find mine looking a little different each day.

The shelf in the dining room:

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas is the picture with Santa. I love looking at the pictures of Jake over the years and seeing him grow. It started because my mom had a free coupon a couple years in a row to get a picture done and the tradition was started. We brought Jake every year until he stopped believing. So I was excited to do it again with Isabelle after she was born. However, she doesn't think this tradition is quite as much fun as Jake did. Last year she was crying in the picture and this year she wouldn't even get near Santa. I ended up with two pictures, one with her sitting on Grandma's lap and one where Santa snuck up behind and got in the photo. Well maybe next year...

Finally I wanted to share a couple special gifts from my grandpa. He was crafty in his retirement and made some fun things. I love my reindeer complete with red light bulb nose under the tree and my ceramic Christmas tree. It is in Isabelle's room this year as a night light and after being told that if it moves I will take it out she has been very careful and is enjoying having her own tree in her room.

Thanks for coming to visit. I wish you a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ.


  1. You have a beautiful family. Your Christmas tree is very pretty and I love your display of all the Santa pictures. How neat!

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless!

  2. I love a tradition...merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home with your beautiful decorations. I especially loved the Santa photos, the stockings and the gifts from your grandpa!

  4. I love this post Mel!!! Everything looks just perfect. I hadn't seen the Reindeer from Gpa before. How could I have missed them all these years? I feel inspired! And you got posts from non-family members. Way to go!!!! :)

  5. Wonderful tour of your home Mel. I love it and may do it myself. Wait and see!

  6. I love that your little one plays with the nativity set...oh the joy of little ones at Christmas! Keep up those traditions and memories - I work with college students and you can tell such a differance in the ones who had a home life full of memories and things they could count on - and those that did not...Merry Christmas! Where are you going in Africa? Mother just went in June to South Africa! k8

  7. Mel--Thank you for opening your home and sharing some of your traditions. I love the stockings--they remind me a bit of the ones we have at my parents'! And the Santa pictures are so very precious. Have a fabulous Christmas!

  8. Very nice, looks great...I went and took pics of my decor but didn't understand the linking thing and also felt like I should clean my house and decorate more in order to post...hahahahahaha. Maybe you can walk me through it on the phone and I will post what I've got. Fun idea!

  9. I have those same carolers. Love 'em! Thanks for sharing your home with us.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I am also taking a minimalist approach to decorating this year and am only putting out my most favorite things. I had forgotten about my reindeer from grandpa - thanks for the reminder!

    Your house looks great - it will be perfect for the Wolfe Family celebration.

  11. Oh what fun!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful decorations.

  12. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for the tour. Your tree is great. I really love those reindeer!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas celebrating the birthday of our King! Thanks for visiting my tour...