Monday, December 8, 2008

My Rising Star

I guess after a week of not blogging I have alot of catching up to do. I feel I may be saying too much about my mid life crisis and not enough about the folly of my youth. So here is a post all about him

Jake is an amazing kid. He is totally his own person. He has a strong sense of who he is, what he thinks and what he wants in life and is very hard to shake. He has a strong foundation of faith which continues to grow. He is becoming the Godly man I have been praying for since he was a little boy

One of his passions seems to be acting. While I often thought about signing him up for an acting class when he was little I was still surprised a few years ago when he decided to do a stand up comedy routine for his school's talent show. I was afraid to go see it I was so nervous for him. I sat in the audience with my mouth hanging open as I watched this confident young man stand before a crowd delivering punchline after punchline and even doing a few unplanned extra jokes during set up for the final number. I noticed as I was reviewing my past Christmas cards that 2 years in a row I wrote, "we sat in the audience wondering who this kid was", in response to seeing him acting in the school play. I think we are finally getting used to seeing him on stage, although I still get a little nervous for him.

This year he moved to the big time, from a school of 150 students to a school of about 1300 students with a professional theater. Getting a lead in the school play with 150 while still an achievement is a little easier than getting a part in a play at such a large school. Yet Jake not only got a part but got a named part. The practice schedule was a little grueling but finally opening night came Thursday. Night one was John's family, night two was my family and finally Saturday night we went along with Jake's girlfriend, another friend from his old school and more of my family. His part was tailor made for him. The school "hottie" with a little too much confidence had girls following him around giggling. Jake barely had to act. Britta was rolling on the floor laughing wondering how they could have cast him so perfectly. Jake did a great job in his first large scale production. We all played some roll as John and I both helped on one of the committees. John helped build the set and I served food when practices went late.

Spencer, Jake and Britta

Not to be outdone, While we were waiting for Jake to change the crew put on some music while cleaning up and Isabelle got on stage for her own performance. (John built this part of the set)


  1. What a great Jake are right, he wasn't highlighted enough here. I so wish I could have seen the play, looks like a well done production if the sets are any indication. Looks like you are going to become a theatre mom, rather than a soccer mom! :)

  2. That is awesome! I know you are so proud of him! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Thats my Grand...son!! He is so awesome and I am so very proud of him.