Monday, October 3, 2011

Wanted: Working Friends

A few years ago I was complaining to a friend about how I wasn't able to get everything done and wished I was getting up earlier in the mornings.  I specifically called out 2 girlfriends who both work full time and were getting up early every morning and making it happen.  How was I such a wimp?  I felt like I really was a looser homemaker.  She responded not with the pep talk I was hoping for but with a much more helpful response.  She simply asked, "why are you comparing yourself to people whose lives have nothing to do with your own?"  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  To realize that while from my outside perspective it may seem like they were doing it all work, family, friends, etc.  But what were they sacrificing for that?  What was I able to do at home that they weren't?  As I suspected at the time and can now confirm, a lot.

But even though my life is now more similar I will still resist comparing.  Because what I realized when I did start looking at other homemakers is that none of them have my exact life either.  And what works for you might not work for me.  What inspires me might not inspire you. 

Still, it is nice to know people that have some similarity in life to your own who you can share your stories with.  So I am thinking of interviewing for a couple new friends.  Working moms who I can look to for ideas, inspiration and hope.  Women who don't just tell me all the amazing things they are accomplishing but are honest about what they are sacrificing to do so and how they feel about all of it.  I am 100% confident that I cannot actually do it all and neither can you.  However, I think that if I can do my family, home and relationships right while also working then I really am doing pretty good.  Everything else is simply icing on the cake.

Any Applicants?

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