Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hope of Spring

Hope springs eternal.  Especially here in MN.  Give us a couple 40-50 degree days and we quickly forgive and forget the 20 inches of snow, the below zero temperatures and the challenges that go with it. 

Suddenly instead of planning my escape from the frozen tundra I am planning my spring and summer.  I am wondering, as I do every year, if I will actually plant a garden this year.  I am thinking about spring cleaning.  I am thinking about our annual garage cleaning and how I can get it even more organized and streamlined.  I am thinking about the possibility that we will actually paint the house this year and wondering what color it will end up.  I am running through the neighborhood my body buzzing as it soaks up all the vitamin D it could want.  I am excited about every little thing that I need to do because when the sun is shining and running errands are not a strain on my body life is GOOD.

Even my hubby is in on the action.  I came home today to find him fixing the locks on our back door, something that has been on the list far too long.  There he stood with the door just hanging open working on the lock.  And I left the front door open as well when I came home.  Something that would not have happened only a week ago when i was in the heavy down jacket and still shivering.

I like to refer to this time of year as "Manic".  While hope soars today a week from now it will be cold and snowing again.  But we don't dwell on those days, the cold, lonely, painful days of winter.  We quickly turn to the hope that comes from a random warm few days and believe that eventually the cold will leave for good and we will all be basking in the beauty and warmth of a MN summer.

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