Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Card

I have abandoned my usual Christmas card for this.  Some years are like that.  I tried to copy the format of my usual Christmas brochure. 
 Merry Christmas





This year as we do every year we celebrated birthdays and our anniversary:

Isabelle turned 5

John turned 40!

With poster

Jake turned 16 (we liked the poster idea)

Mel turned 40!
Really liked the poster thing.

We celebrated 20 years of marriage with a return trip to Duluth.

We celebrated holidays, tried new activities and reached milestones:

Easter brunch

Carving pumpkins

Jake tried track in the spring

And has fallen in love with wrestling this winter

I completed my first triathlon.

Isabelle started Kindergarten.

But as we get older and live life we have come to realize that the most important things happen not always in the big moments of life but in the day to day activities we don't always think too much about:


 Attending an '80's party in your old leather jacket and prom dress (and still rocking both).

Covering your body in body art.

Mopping in your tutu.

Making snow soup on a warm spring day.

A hay ride with your mom.

Seeing Grandma for the first time after a long winter.

Trying on your mom's wedding dress.

Dipping your toes in the lake.

Swimming in a pool on a hot summer day.

Chasing a frog through the grass.

Going to camp.

Watching the butterflies with Dad.

Finding a family of wild turkeys in your yard on a Sunday morning.

Playing dress up with your cousins.
Working hard supervising your booth at the Ren Fest.

Dressing up with your girlfriend to attend the Renaissance Festival.

Or dressing up for Homecoming.

Waiting for your ride to school so you can avoid that long 3 block walk.

Hanging out with your sister.

Making cookies with your brother.

Surviving snowmagedon.

We hope that you have enjoyed the dailiness of  your life this year and have a wonderful 2011.



  1. Oh, Melanie...I loved every word and every picture. We have missed so much by moving away. But FB and posts like this one help keep us a little bit "in the loop."

    Your family is beautiful...and I am a little bit jealous. I did read somewhere when you said one of your parents' grandkids is 20. Couldn't figure that one out.???!!

    Sharon White

  2. love it. life is good. Thompsons

  3. I say this works just as well as a brochure! Maybe a new tradition? Love the mopping in the tutu picture by the way, that is so her!

  4. Awesome!! Great pictures, great way to sum up the year!! Melanie, I may need your help, I would like to do a tri sprint this year after I get done with police school! John Brother, I love the family pic with the truck and the 80's pics..LOL


  5. Love it!! I always enjoy reading about your family...the major events AND the everyday "stuff." Miss you guys!


  6. Love the Blogmas Card! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!
    The Petersons (Chris, Miriam, Toby & Soren)

  7. Great photos, thanks for sharing them. What wonderful family memories.
    Pam Dickinson