Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The blur that is my life

How did this happen?  I haven't posted in over a week, Christmas is 4 days away and I am not ready!  Actually I have purchased a grand total of 1 gift thus far.  Isabelle is going to be greatly disappointed if I don't get to the mall tomorrow especially since that one gift is not for her.

Last week was crazy.  Short story: Lots of snow over weekend, transmission out in plow truck on Monday, cost to fix same as cost of purchase, Tuesday morning Jake had a late start to school and took the opportunity to lecture us on an issue he felt he wasn't being heard on, spent Wednesday shopping for new plow truck, spent lots of money on new truck, snow Thursday, continued to disagree with Jake about his conclusion to the issue of the week (his girlfriend got in on the act that day via email), wrestling meets Friday night and all day Saturday which we left early to go to the Wolfe family Christmas party, Sunday all day at a friends, Monday another huge snow storm.  And here we are Tuesday evening with my hubby tucked into bed trying to catch up way too much lost sleep.

UPDATE:  I was going to spend all day tomorrow Christmas shopping but it seems my newest niece is making a pre-Christmas appearance this Thursday instead of post-Christmas.  Due to appointments and bed rest until then I will be on watch duty for other children tomorrow afternoon making it a 1/2 day to power shop for all my Christmas gifts.  Luckily I have negotiated with most of my family to not exchange gifts and therefore only need to purchase a few things.  Can't wait to hold this new baby!

And if I may spend a moment complaining:  I have put together most of my traditional Christmas brochure 3 times so far but can't find a computer in the house powerful enough to actually complete it.  And it turns out I apparently don't have enough memory in my 10 year old jump drive to save the completed file and go elsewhere so now I don't know how to get what work I do have off John's computer and go somewhere with a better one.  That took up an entire morning last week and most of the afternoon today.  Not fun.

Through all the craziness God continues to show up.  Providing us with the answer to financing the new truck.  Continued safety and quite a few new plow clients.  And the first truck did not break down until AFTER John plowed out 20 inches of snow.  Jake is doing wonderful in Wrestling and we are enjoying watching him become an athlete.  After a week of neglect I have reclaimed my house and am enjoying a peaceful environment.  We had a wonderful time of communication with Jake in which we concluded the issue of the week and feel like we all understand each other better.  Christmas break is here and I don't start my new job until January.

And since you can't make some stories up:  As John is getting ready to head out and start plowing his accounts he realizes he has no gas and heads up to his favorite gas station, Superamerica, to fill up.  He runs in to use the bathroom and the people working there ask if it is his plow truck in the parking lot.  Did I mention he is practically on a first name basis with the entire staff and goes out of his way to hit this place?  Anyway, turns out their plow guy had just quit as 6-8 inches of snow was falling from the sky.  They asked him to plow the whole parking lot, paid him cash on the spot, and now he has a shot at getting the contract for the rest of the season.  So amazing.

So that is the blur of last week and a preview of the blur between now and after Christmas.  I am mulling a few thoughts on the topic of Control as a teaser but no promises that I will complete those thoughts before Christmas.

Hope you are enjoying a little more rest and waiting than I am during this advent season and have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

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