Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We are having a lovely day.

Jake and Isabelle both found their Easter baskets.  I thought I hid Jake's pretty well but we will never know because as soon as he walked in the room Isabelle, who had already found hers and Jake's, said, "look over by the tv".

Feeling like a rock star over this precious dress and shoe combo.  Found the whole outfit for under $10 at a thrift store.  She loved it and got lots of complements.  She wore it at Saturday's Easter Vigil as well where she got to dance down the aisle during one of the scripture readings.

Our sweet godson Leumas.  His parents were both part of the worship team this morning so we got to hang out with Leumas for part of the service.  He pretty much always has that serious look on his face.  I brought him a little easter sand pail.  Since his parents are from Kenya I feel it is our job as godparents to introduce all the american traditions to Leumas.

On the front lawn after the service looking for chocolate Easter eggs.  Isabelle was trying to get Leumas to pick one up.
Jade joined us for our Easter service.  Her family had just returned late last night from their spring break trip and weren't going to church this morning but Jake and Jade couldn't wait to be reunited after a week apart.  That is her standing behind Jake.

After church we headed over to Crave for our Easter brunch. 

John and Jake got the buffet.  We rolled them home after the meal where they have been relaxing all afternoon.

Happy Easter to All.

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