Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mork and Mindy Buy a Fan

While I was having some Africa pictures framed I decided to do something I have been wanting to do for YEARS, I brought an antique fan I have in to be framed as well. It turned out beyond my wildest dreams...
Although it certainly could fit in with my "things I love" theme I hung it over our bed so I can look at it every day. And really that is prefect since it hung on my wall throughout my childhood simply pinned in place with a couple tacks. Oh how I wish I had brought it to be framed before all the fabric crumbled but it is still beautiful, don't you think.

So where did I get this you may wonder. Great question. Great story. I have loved fans since I was a little girl and had a wall full of fans in my room growing up. Most of them cheap paper fans from souvenier shops. Somehow a girl in my 4th grade class found out I loved fans. She also knew I had something she really wanted, Mork and Mindy stickers. Now in 4th grade stickers were the ruling power and Mork and Mindy stickers were not to be found everywhere so I definately had some leverage. In she brings this beautiful fan and trades me for my Stickers. If I recall correctly I only traded one sheet not even the whole pack. She told me it had belonged to her grandmother when she was a teenager. Assuming her Grandmother was about the same age as mine that would make this fan 80-90 years old. The entire rest of the school year I kept waiting for her mom to find out what she did and demand the fan back. She never called and I have long forgotten who I traded with but I have always treasured my beautiful fan.

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