Monday, February 8, 2010

Marvelous Mondays

“How could he have considered taking Monday off? Monday was the diving board poised over the rest of the week. One walked out on the board, reviewed the situation, planned one’s strategy, bounced a few times to get the feel of things, and then made a clean dive. Without Monday, one simply bombed into the water, belly first, and hoped for the best.”

--Father Timothy from "At Home in Mitford"

Oh how I love Mondays.  They are life's fresh start.  No matter how bad the week before was, no matter how miserably you failed at something, come Monday you can start fresh and succeed.

Monday is the day you look at the week consider all the possibilities and make your plan.  What will I do?  What do I want to accomplish?  What commitments have I made?  And even better, make lists off all those things!  Compose a strategy and set off on the perfect week.

Monday is the day you get up early and do those devotions, get in that run and shower before your children even get out of bed.

Of course I don't always follow through on everything on my list.  And certainly by Wednesday I am bored with my energetic approach to the week but whatever falls by the wayside on Thursday and Friday will be waiting fresh the following Monday for my enthusiastic belief that this will be a great week and I will get it all done.

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