Friday, December 18, 2009

Ready for Christmas

I am ready for Christmas. Can you believe it??? My gifts are all bought and under the tree:

And my Christmas letters will go out today:

I am so relaxed I am even bought some ornaments for Isabelle to paint despite deciding for the good of our relationship not to buy her craft supplies for Christmas (future blog post on that topic):

And I have plenty of teenage food for the approximately 30 kids who will be at Jake's annual Christmas party tonight:

(there is also wings, meatballs and pizza rolls in the freezer. Do you think it is enough? You are thinking I need more pop right? Me too.)

Since I am so on top of my life an entire week before Christmas I have time to think about well...Christmas. An entire week to devote to thinking about the gift of Christmas, Jesus. Jake will be off school all week. I am imagining some family time watching Christmas movies in the evening. Talking about the joy of giving, of having a heart of gratitude for the gifts we receive, praying together and simply reflecting Christ in our lives through time spent enjoying one another. We will play games, sing songs, drink hot coco by the fire...It will be like a Norman Rockwell experience. Ahhhh. Let's just sit and enjoy the image for a moment shall we...

Ok, Ok, I know, Jake will want to get out of the house with his friends or stay in the house and get online with his friends. Isabelle will try to understand gratitude but will be too distracted telling us what she wants for Christmas to really pay attention. John will be home late trying to finish up whatever job he is working on before Christmas and I will be too tired from dreaming up my ideal scenario to motivate them all.

Just trying to keep it real.

Hopefully somewhere between the two images we will be able to spend time as a family focused on Jesus and maybe start a new family tradition or 2. We do have one great tradition that started when Isabelle was a newborn who went to bed early (it worked best that year). We watch the entire LOTR trilogy over Christmas break. While I am hoping to add "The Nativity" this year, I know at least this one tradition we will all find time for.

How are your preparations coming?

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