Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Christmas

We are blessed to have our families close by for the Holidays. After 19 years of marriage with various Holiday arrangements and many changes to both our families we have hit on a schedule that seems to work for everyone. Christmas eve with my family at rotating homes and Christmas day with John's family at his brother Mike's home.

We are all working on creating traditions and memories. There are still lots of little kids on my side of the family which means we are always wondering what we can do on Christmas to make it special for them. Should we try a craft, sing songs, read stories, a little of everything? With 5 little kids in town our holidays are all about them. There is alot of excitement to Christmas through the eyes of a child.

The Minnesota Grandkids

With Grandma and Grandpa

My Brother's Brood

Our Family

In John's family Isabelle is the only grandchild under 13 and our holidays have become more relaxed as the kids have grown and become part of the adult mix. We don't have to entertain them but can just sit and enjoy them. It is a little harder for Isabelle since there isn't much child proofing or kids toys laying around anymore but on the other hand she has no shortage of people to love her up and play with her. Of course Mike and Dara now have a 1 year old grandson in the mix which I suspect will mean some changes as their family continues to grow.

I wanted to get a picture of all the activity going on at once. This big room is why Mike and Dara host every year.

Mike and I telling everyone where to stand for the family picture. They all like to act like they don't want a family picture and then thank me later for making it happen.
I only got them to stand for 2 pictures. Luckily this one is just about perfect. Dara's eyes are closed but were open on the other so we just have to work a little photo shop magic. Anyone out there that can do that for me???

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