Monday, December 7, 2009

Isn't she cute

I have been doing some posting over at my SIL's weight loss blog lately and all my deep thoughts are over there. However, I didn't want to totally forget this one. Here are a couple cute things my darling said this weekend.

Saturday afternoon she walks downstairs where her brother is playing video games and says, "Jake, it is lunch time, I am dressed, mom is dressed and look at you, you are still in your pajamas". Where do they come up with these things? I am sure I have never said anything like that...

Sunday they celebrated St. Nicholas Day at church by having the kids leave their shoes out and putting a few chocolate gold coins in them. At home later she tells me it is the best day of her life. When I ask why she says, "Because...Church?...I got my shoe..." Oh if every best day was that simple to come by.


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