Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

.Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I did not forget, for the second time, to bring someone a meal. I have not totally pretended it didn't happen and have not neglected to call or acknowledge my disorganization in any way. I did not almost forget a second meal (our church is like a baby factory) and just buy frozen pizza's to at least fulfill the one commitment. Could it be time to stop signing up to bring meals for a while?

And speaking of priorities, I did not take Jake to meet with his Algebra teacher because I wasn't happy with his second quarter grade. The teacher did not ask Jake where he prioritized homework and Jake did not look at him with a blank stare as if he didn't understand the question. No way. I have taught Jake the importance of school work and he knows it is a top priority. He would never tell someone his friends were a higher priority than his school work.

This past week I did not realize that we have completely lost control of bedtime at our house. I did not realize that Isabelle was up past 10pm almost every night and I did nothing about it. I did not realize that we have stopped reading bedtime books to her and now just let her go to bed with a video off John's phone. Nope we would never do that. And I have never stood in judgement of my sister when I was visiting her and her children were running around well past bedtime and she wasn't taking control. I would never be that hypocritical.

On Saturday when the weather got above 40 degrees my spirits didn't lift and all memories of the month of below freezing weather was not lost simply because of one sunny, warm day. I am sick of living in this frozen tundra and wouldn't let one day cause me to think such positive thoughts about Minnesota.


  1. Great not me monday I think That bed time went out the window a long time ago in this house lol.

    I was also wondering if you would like to take part in Tribute Tuesday. A blog I have created for people To pay tribute to some one who has inspierd you in some way. Or someone who has made your life better by knowing them. or a loved one, or maybe just a way of saying thankyou to someone. I have a mr linky so the world can see your tribute to that someone who brightens up your life. Please feel free to come take a look and participate in Tribute tuesday.

  2. I have forgotten to take meals before too. I probably sign up for way more than I can do. Just can't say no! Great list!

  3. hahahahaha! The truth comes out...!

    I am a reformed bedtime nazi...its all I can do to keep control during the school week...and sadly our 4th born is not even sure what you are supposed to do with a book. :)

  4. You forgot one, although you had already posted this before it happened. That is, you did NOT almost forget to call your Dad on his 66th birthday because you did NOT think about it all day. You most certainly would not have done that!

    Love you, Melanie, and thanks for making the call even though it was 10:00 pm.