Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hospital Envy

No I did not comb her hair today. Do you have a point?

Isabelle and I went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory today. After running from building to building at the outdoor zoo we went inside and enjoyed the tropical rain forest and other lush rooms including the flower garden. It gave us some hope in a dreary land. As we were leaving my sister called to tell me my precious niece had an accident on the trampoline and broke her arm, they were on the way to the hospital. I told Isabelle about it and we prayed for them as they headed to the hospital. A couple hours later I was relaying that Grace was resting at the hospital waiting to get a cast. I related it to a recent visit we had to the ER when Isabelle sprained her ankle. The following conversation occurs:

Isabelle: I want to go to the hospital

Me: You're not hurt.

Isabelle: I hurt my finger.

Mel: You do not need to go to the hospital unless you break something or cut off one of your fingers.

Isabelle: I have a cut on my finger.

Me: No cut off your finger so it is no longer attached to your body.

Isabelle then starts making grunting noises.

Me: What are you doing?

Isabelle: I'm trying to break my finger.

We were pulling in the garage, I laugh and get her out of the car, she is planning to play on the computer for a while when we get inside. The conversation continues:

Me: If you break your finger you won't be able to work the mouse on the computer.

Isabelle: I have other fingers.

Luckily once we got inside she was distracted by telling me which site she wanted to play on and forgot about breaking her finger. Of course now I am afraid to give her another update on Grace and tell her about the bright red cast. I guess maybe she doesn't need to know all the details of her cousins day.


  1. hahaha, that is so funny! Grace will still have her cast when you visit, so Isabelle can attempt to break something while she is down here! The other girls are having some hospital envy too, suddenly a lot of ailments are cropping up around here

  2. I love that dialogue between you and Isabelle! You're going to be so glad to have a record of these conversations and happenings . . .