Thursday, October 30, 2008

What was I doing?

I feel there needs to be a follow up entry to the marker destruction post. This one is the stuff everywhere post. As with this post there is a corresponding example from Jake's life of similar behavior. Do you think it is my parenting style?

So Tuesday night I walk into the living room to do...something?...and what do I see but an entire box of kleenex spread around my living room as if a snowstorm hit the room. Isabelle jumped into the picture, I guess doing snow angels, when she saw the camera. Quite proud of herself.

So Isabelle cleans that up herself and I am now using kleenex out of a gallon size zip lock bag rather than a box. It looks like a bag of used tissues. Clearly I have issues when I am saving 69 cents worth of kleenex.
So this is upsetting but I move on. Then today I am making Isabelle oatmeal. She gets some of the dry oatmeal out while I am on the phone and is playing with it so I move the oatmeal container away from her and then go in the other room to do...something?. Eventually Isabelle comes to ask me if her oatmeal has cooled off and I come around the corner to this...

I don't know if it is accurately portrayed here but it was EVERYWHERE in the living room. A full box of oatmeal spread on the carpet and wood floor. And once again Isabelle looking proud amidst the mess. Yelling may have occured upon the discovery of this one.
Yet with all this Jake cannot be outdone. At around the same age he was down in our semi finished basement watching tv. I heard a noise and felt I needed to investigate, when I arrived I saw bird seed EVERYWHERE. He had clearly picked up the open 5 pound bag of bird seed and spun around letting it go where it may. I was so upset I forgot about the noise until I went to vacuum behind the bar and found a broken vase that had fallen off the bar. Jake was irritatingly in my way and ran behind the bar as I was vacuuming toward him and stepped on the glass. I grabbed him and "nicely" told him to go to his room. He complained he was hurt but I didn't care. When I finally went up stairs I discovered that sure enough he had stepped on the glass. I ended up calling a neighbor to come over and hold him down while I tried to get it out. I thought I had since I couldn't feel it anymore but 3 days later when he was still limping I sat him down and discovered a horribly infected foot. I brought him to the doctor who immediately scheduled me with a pediatric surgeon 2 days later, no pre-op appointment just get him in there. Since we had a very large deductible on our insurance I asked the surgeon if he could do it under local rather than general anaesthetic. So there we are in the operating room with 2 nurses literally laying on top of Jake and me sitting trying to read him a book while he screamed wildly and the surgeon looked for a piece of glass in a wiggling 3 year old's foot. Lucky for me he found it right away and out he pulls a piece of glass about an inch long and the around of a toothpick.
The good news is that Jake is turning out pretty good despite this behavior so I hold much hope for Isabelle's future too. My parenting technique may turn out some questionable pre-school behaviors but they start pulling it together when it really counts. At least that is what I am telling myself.


  1. Ah Mel... I truly don't know what to say. Um, buy her a dustbuster and then she can clean it up too? Hey, a whole disaster and clean up could happen while you were in the other room doing...something? :)

  2. good idea, julia! she could be the destroying cleaner!

    so fun to have this stuff documented for them.

  3. Um...When was this oatmeal expolsion?!?