Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Management

I have spent a fair amount of time sitting on the computer this week. It causes me to ask the question, could I have better used that time? What else could I have been doing?

  • Begin making Christmas gifts rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • Planning menus for grocery shopping so that I don't have to call my husband to pick up dinner.
  • Playing dolls with Isabelle. Ok I wouldn't actually do this one.
  • Help Isabelle memorize her bible verse for Sunday School.
  • Organizing the pantry by food group. OR I could be grouping my cans by the recipes I want to make so they are all together when I want to cook.
  • Alphabetize the videos and dvd's
  • Put books in order based on the dewey decimal system
  • Research the dewey decimal system so I knew where my books went
  • Actually clean my house rather than waving the illusion of clean wand over it.
  • Actually go for a run rather than just talking and reading about running.
  • Vacuum the crushed tortilla chips out of my van before winter arrives.
  • Paint over the wall art in the living room
  • Find out what I am doing when Isabelle does wall and body art.
Hmm. Nope there doesn't seem to be anything better to do with my time.


  1. Ha-Ha! (You sound like me) You could also be:

    1. Researching school options for Isabelle,

    2. Planting some fall bulbs for flowers in the spring,

    3. Reserving your spot at Feed My Starving Children

    4. Planning the menu for the Wolfe Family Christmas and assigning foods to people....

    Just thought I'd help you out with your list. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. 5. completing that elusive college degree via an on-line program

    6. folding your husbands underware

    7. installing a gps tracker on your son and hidden cameras in his room

    8. selling yourself on the corner to earn money to come visit your sister