Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don't like the school counselor

Help me. I believe I am in a power struggle with the school counselor. Is it worth it? Am I letting my pride get in the way of common sense OR is it important that I make sure Jake is put in the proper elective class next semester? What is his problem? Why can't he see that I am the parent and deserve to be treated with respect? If he would just acknowledge in any little way that he has been a big butt hole I would be happy to let him take control of the one elective class that Jake has but I am just so incredulous of his behavior that I feel like I can't let it go and must make him PAY! What is wrong with me? As I mentioned in the knife post, I normally am good at cushioning my complaints with compliments but somehow they all fail me with this guy. I don't even want to give him a fake compliment. I can't even come up with a fake compliment to give him. Nothing. What does a school counselor do all day that keeps him from being sure that the 65 new students he is responsible for get in the correct classes? Especially considering that others do all the actual entering of information. As far as I can tell he truly is only responsible for solving problems. Which I imagine he must have alot of if he treats all parents as poorly as he has treated me. So I guess he is just insuring job security.

Well there are two up sides. One I have a meeting with the assistant principal in next week to tell her about my experience as a new parent. Since she has been so nice to me with the knife incident I am sure I will have no problem cushioning my dislike for the butt hole around some compliments but I know it will feel great to get it off my chest. And Number two, we are only in this school for one year before moving to the high school and then I will never have to see him again.

Do you think there is a lesson for me in this somewhere?


  1. Lesson #1: 90% of the population basically stinks.

    Lesson #2: You can't cure stupid.

    Lesson #3: You are where you are today because of the choices you made, as great or crappy as they may have been.

  2. hmmm, well, you know I am going to want to know the blow by blow details.

    and hey! you got an anonymous hit! who do you think it is?