Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembering before it is over

Last year John took Comp 101 and we discovered he is really a very gifted writer.  His dad was literally diagnosed as terminal the second week of class.  He wrote a couple things about his dad during this class but hasn't written since the class ended.  However, today, as we enter the last days of his dad's life, he posted this on facebook and I thought it was worth sharing:

I often wish people could hear the wonderful things that people say about them at a funeral. In the movies there is usually the camera aerial recede that makes it appear like they can. I think the reality is, it is better to say it before they are gone, before you lose the chance to say what you will only wish you had later.
All that to say, I was at my dad's this weekend. It was a good visit, it may be our last. I hope there will be more, I hope there will be chances to laugh over the funny Halloween costumes we had as kids, or relive the time my older brother sprayed the cold water hose over the top of the shower on dad. More important, I want everyone, especially my dad, to know how much he has meant to me as a boy growing up, and as a man, still growing up I suppose. If not for my father, I would never be the man I am today! He is the one that taught me how to fix my bike, how to sweat a pipe, how to hit your hand with a hammer while working and still keep working. He showed me how to sacrifice for my family, he showed me that hard work can really pay back more than money. Dad taught me to fight when the time was right, and that the time was almost never right. He showed me how to love my kids, even when they aren't being very lovable, he demonstrated how to love your wife, and most of all, how to love God over all else.
I will miss having my dad to call when I am having some plumbing problem I can't figure out. I will miss having his dry sense of humor at family functions, his quick wit at the least expected time, I will deeply miss the support he provides for my mom. Most of all I will miss the man himself.

I love you dad!
You are a great man, you have been a great influence in my life, and you will continue to inspire me throughout my life.
p.s. No hurry, the Lord is patient, he will wait a little longer if you are up to it.

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  1. I remember being absolutely horrified that I said a very unlady like word in front of your dad. Knowing that he didn't approve of that, I quickly corrected myself. He just laughed and went about his business.