Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Well it is done.  NOW, my son is officially, officially an Eagle Scout.  We have all the stuff now.  Of course I still haven't gotten the picture of him with the flag.  The one they hang in the scout office headquarters of  all the eagle scouts.  I guess that will happen at Christmas.  I can only do so much during a 4 day Thanksgiving break...

I have many more photos than this of the ceremony and such but apparently I have used the maximum amount of storage space for a free blog.  Who knew it was even possible.  So I am going to have to research next options, something I don't have the energy to do right now, and give you more photos another day.  In the mean time you can enjoy a photo of Jake and I after the ceremony with him wearing his official Eagle neckerchief and pin on his left pocket.

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  1. Congratulations! A celebration moment, indeed! And - a sweet mom-son photo moment!