Friday, March 30, 2012

Wrestling banquet

Last night was Jake's Wrestling Banquet.  Another fun filled year of wrestling, watching Jake do something you can see he loves doing.  He had a great year improved over last year and had several Varsity matches.  He even won a few!  We have commented many times on how much we wish we had discovered this for Jake at a much younger age but we are blessed to have had 2 years of fun with him in wrestling.  And we were all surprised last night to discover that he had enough winning Varsity matches to earn a letter!  My son has a varsity letter in wrestling!  So proud of him.

I would say the following story is due to my working, which in a way it is, but if we really examined past posts on this blog from when I was at home we would all know it is more standard operation...So a week before the banquet I get an email from the coach that one of the parents has put together boards for all the seniors and we need top pick them up and add pictures.  I mention this to Jake on Monday night asking if he can swing by the high school and pick it up.  Jake is full time at the community college for his Senior year and so can't just grab it on his way out of school.  He doesn't do it Tuesday as he has a full schedule and we all forget on Wednesday.  So on my way home for lunch yesterday I remember and call the high school to confirm they still have the board and swing through to pick it up.  I am one of those people who parks in the no parking zone circle to run in and get it.  Now I  have to totally blank board with Jake's name on the top, no printed pictures to put on it and 20 minutes to make and eat lunch before I need to get back to work.  So I John is left with part 2 of this project, get the pictures.  I tell him I want photos not pictures printed on copy paper.  He calls me at work, I give him instruction on what I want and where the pictures are and he does a fabulous job putting it together.  I could have taken a picture of it but I didn't.  Here is a sampling of the photos used on the board though:

And now, yet another thing is over in my son's high school career.  One step closer to graduation and leaving home.  Amazing how time flies.

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