Sunday, March 11, 2012

Action: Stella & Dot

I have had a busy couple weeks around here.  As we go forward trying to figure out our new plan I finally decided I had to DO something.  I can't just sit around waiting for the magical answer to come to me.  Waiting for the day I finally have enough time to launch a little stationary business, spend time getting my blog name out there or even finishing the internet marketing training videos I have been trying to work through.  I still want to do all that stuff but I needed to just get started!  I finally decided that I was going to do a home party business.  It is a ready made business, you just sign-up, get your samples and call your friends.  Everything is done for you.  So I am now a Stella & Dot stylist selling fabulous jewelry.

I was emailing a friend telling her just that, I needed to do something, anything and I was starting this home party business and I don't know if this is the answer, if I will still do other things or if it will just be something to pass the time for a year or so.  She thought it was perfect because as she always tells me, "you are a do-er" and I need to do something.  Then she said this:

"I think resting in the Lord and waiting on the Lord are phrases that have been vastly misinterpreted. I don't think resting in Him and waiting on Him mean do nothing until He knocks you over the head. I think it means resting in who He is in your life and not jumping ahead of Him. I don't think you've jumped ahead of Him at all. In fact, He has shown you that something is amiss and now you are following a prompting to do something to make things right. If this isn't what will make it right, He'll find you at Stella and Dot and He'll prompt you somewhere else."

How true is that?  How often to we sit doing nothing because we haven't been knocked over the head by God?  How often do we use the excuse of "waiting on the Lord" to hide the fact that we are just afraid to take action?  I know it has been true of me. 

This is my year of "Act" after a year of "Release" yet I have been terrified that I would take the wrong action and have been keeping myself quite busy not acting the past couple months.  And all that did was create a lot of stress and frustration in my life.  But now I am taking action in this year in which God has called me to "Act". 

And, if this isn't right, God will find me at Stella & Dot and send me elsewhere.  I loved that part.  God finds us where we are at, in the midst of living life. 

In the mean time I will continue to rest in the Lord, rest in who He is and what He does in my life.  I will walk forward knowing He is by my side, loves and believes in me.  And I will continue to listen, learn and obey Him.  I will spend time in the Word, read devotionals and seek godly wisdom from my wonderful and supportive friends.

So one action leads to another and this past week I also met with a potential client this week about my first freelance writing job!  I got in the car and quoted this same friend again when I told myself all the way home, "I am doing it scared!"  (actually she said she stole it from Joyce Meyer.)  And, since I only have about 5 readers anyway, I will share that I am playing with another blog idea.  I put it over at the "from home to work" blog, which I never really did anything with, but am planning to move it to a word press blog because I have heard that is a good platform and want to try some new things.  Before I do that I am just playing with it a little.  Don't bond with the name or any other aspect of it but feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about the idea.

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