Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine for my Valentine

I know it is obvious but it seemed like I should write something for Valentine's Day.  Since I am unsure what to say it made me wonder about the history of the day and who this Saint Valentine was.  I thought maybe I could learn something and share the spiritual significance of the holiday.  After reading a couple accounts I am convinced that my husband may be right, Hallmark invented this holiday.  They aren't totally sure who Valentine was and there are a couple different stories, one where the government decides that single men are better soldiers and forbids marriage but he secretly marries couples anyway and another where Valentine is in prison but falls in love with the jailer's daughter and sends her a love letter signed "from your Valentine."  Thus sending the first valentine.  The general consensus is that he was a romantic guy.  And since we all love to love and celebrate love I guess it stuck.  Whatever the story, people have been sending Valentine's to their loved ones for over 300 years. 

Before Hallmark we had to be a little more creative, come up with our own verse, cut out our own hearts, glue the lace doily ourselves.  Now we just run to the corner store and find someone who has said it perfectly for us, add a little candy and flowers and we are good to go.

I was going to post a valentine for my hubby and wrote a terrible poem but decided I have too much pride to publish it so let me simply say:

I happened to be married to a very wonderful man, the perfect balance to my life.  I used to say that he made me interesting and I kept him from getting carried away but I am thinking 21 years later we may have reversed roles and now he keeps me from getting carried away.  Although I still think I am vastly more interesting because I have him in my life than I otherwise would be.

Happy Valentine's Day to the best Husband and Father a woman could ever dream of spending her life with.

I will share the poem with him because we like to laugh together.

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  1. I may not know a lot but i know 2 who have always belonged together. I knew the day he came to pick you up your senior year( on some level). Love to the Hardackers on Valentines Day and everyday. MOM