Monday, September 5, 2011

My Minnesota version of a Kenyan Experience

As some of you may recall, a couple years ago we were in Kenya.  On a tourist day we visited Nzambani Rock.  It was definately a significant event in my life as I forced myself to overcome my fear of heights and climb the 6 stories of rickety metal stairs to reach the top.  About 2 stories up I turned around to go back down only to see one of our fellow team members behind me with a look on her face that was clearly saying she was also panicking and would not be able to move out of my way.  I turned around told John I was not going to take my eyes off his back and he better not stop moving until we got to the top.  On your mark, get set, GO!

It wasn't easy but it was worth the view.

Two years later I don't think about climbing that rock too often but on Saturday I was thinking a lot about it.  We were at the State Fair with Isabelle enjoying our usual favorite foods and activities.  One of the things we have always enjoyed when we bring the kids is the DNR building.  As we walk over Isabelle sees the fire tower and announces we need to go up there. 

So John and Isabelle get in line and I follow behind.  It is coincidentally also a 6 story climb up metal stairs, although not nearly as rickety having been fully restored just a couple years ago after being closed for many years.  As we stood in line I continually told myself I was not going with them.  I mean I had conqured that fear and I had nothing to prove.  Besides this was not a once in a lifetime experience and if I have regrets there will be many more opportunities to climb the DNR tower again.  Good so that is settled.  Then literally as we are standing next in line I suddenly announce I am going to go for it!  I took the lead and sprinted up the stairs arriving at the top before I could realize what I was doing.

Worth it.

But I forgot how much the thighs burn after going up and down 6 flights of stairs!

Having added a new tradition to our state fair trip we proceeded to enjoy our other usual traditions:

 Another wonderful day at the Great Minnesota Get Together.

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