Thursday, August 25, 2011

21 years ago

Today is my anniversary.  21 years ago today I was doing up my hair and making up, putting on a fancy white dress, posing for pictures.  I walked down the aisle and committed to spend my life with my high school boyfriend.  The one with the long hair and questionable fashion sense.

(sorry couldn't get my scanner to work for a wedding picture but I just love this terrible picture of the 2 of us from high school which is already on my computer)

We couldn't have known then what life would hold for us.  That we would have a baby 4 years later and not be able to have any more, that John would spend almost his entire career self employed, that we would adopt 10 year after having our first child, help start an Anglican church of all things and love it, go to Africa.  We probably could have predicted that we might have financial struggles since we married so young but could not have known we would also have financial triumphs and be living as well as we are considering where we started out.

What is probably most surprising about a long lasting marriage is that through the ups and downs, the trials and the triumphs, not to mention the day to day doldrums, I love my husband more today than I could have even imagined possible 21 years ago.  What we have here after 21 years together is a life, a life I love.  It is something that cannot be build overnight.  It is build every day, one step at a time through the good and the bad, sickness and health, while going about your days.

Thank you John for 21 wonderful years of marriage.  Thank you God for bringing me such a wonderful man and being present in our marriage all these years.

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