Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resting in Paradise

One of my favorite books is called, "Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman" by Anne Ortlund.  One chapter she writes about how she is sitting in a beautiful hotel lobby in Hawaii while writing because somehow her and her minister husband had been gifted with some time away there to rest and recuperate from a busy ministry time and surgery she had recently had.  I remember reading it thinking, "who gets free trips to Hawaii to rest?!  I can't relate to this story!"

As I write this I am resting in Marco Island, Florida looking out onto one of the many canals from my parents condo having just returned from my daughter's first trip to the beach.  My parents spend their winters here and my dad has a back injury which has caused him to be unable to drive back home with my mom.  So he flew back to MN in time for the last (better be last) snow of the season and Isabelle and I flew down here the day after the LAST snow of the season to hang out with my mom a few days and then drive home with her.

I haven't had surgery recently and I don't know that my ministry work exactly warrants my spending a few days in paradise but still, God has provided this opportunity (via my wonderful parents) and I am blessed.

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