Thursday, September 17, 2009


Tea Party

Enjoying tea in mom's new tea cup.

Me trying to be fancy with my photography. I notice Julia does crooked pictures successfully. I think I might be too crooked but it is still cute.

Close up of the tea cup.


Isabelle saw a pancake mix at the grocery store and wanted to buy it. What-the-heck I thought and tossed it in. We have been enjoying pancakes the past few days with it but it has gotten me thinking about the simple life. On the one hand pancake mix is incredibly simple. Add water to mix and pour on the skillet. Voila pancakes. So simple. But really are pancakes that complicated? Add water, flour, sugar, oil and an egg an you have pancake mix. We are talking about another minute of work. Why are we simplifying already simple tasks?


I am already bored with pre-school work stuff. See how easily I am distracted. Of course the fact that Isabelle wants to plan the curriculum might have something to do with my frustration. It is time to abandon the more structured stuff for the learning activities I am so much better at. Today we are weeding the garden. I am sure there will be some opportunities to learn something in there.

She LOVED the nature center program she did on Tuesday. Another child in love with animals. Apparently she kept telling the people about animals she saw in Africa and they thought she was just making it up as 4 year olds tend to do. No we assured them, she really had seen all those animals in Africa. Ha ha. I suppose they don't get that very often!


If you haven't seen enough of my Africa pictures I put 646 pictures onto a shutterfly web site. You can click here to see them.


  1. So very cute!! can't wait for those play dates with my daughter!

  2. Hi, Melanie.
    Stopping by from SITS.

    I'm enjoying reading through your blog posts.

    Welcome to SITS.