Saturday, September 26, 2009

The prince and princess hit the Ren Fest

I feel like I have lost my blogger mojo. I was too profound about all my Africa thoughts and now apparently I feel I have nothing to say about everyday life. Not that life has come to a halt, I guess I am just enjoying it and not analyzing it. Since I didn't want to leave you all hanging I thought I would give a little update.

Jake and Britta have now been "dating", "seeing each other", "going together", "whatevering" for over a year. They don't drive yet so can you really call it dating? Even when I was a kid I thought "going together" was a strange term. Since they live 30 minutes apart they aren't really "seeing each other" much. Of course there are probably many newer terms to describe their relationship but I am not sure any of them would be right either. So lets go with dating since it is the most basic term.


Last weekend was Britta's birthday so Jake decided to spend the big money on her. He got the day off from work so he could go to the Renaissance Festival with her and then bought tickets to this fancy 7 course dinner/show while there. Of course they dressed in costume. While reading his facebook page that week I realized she was dressing as a princess with her mom busy improving a dress they bought at a second hand store. Jake on the other hand only had his peasant costume that he wore to work. So I emailed everyone I knew with any sort of costume or costume access and was able to borrow stuff to create a princely costume worthy of escorting a princess.

This weekend is the Homecoming dance. Another exciting dress up event with pictures to follow. Although I felt in a little bit of a panic earlier in the week because Jake has ever so slowly trickled information on what is happening, I was reminded by a friend a few years ahead of me to enjoy this time because it goes quickly. And so that is what I am doing today.

The group he is going with are meeting for pictures at a lovely picturesque location followed by reservations at a nice restaurant, the dance and an after party at a friends home that goes until 1:30am. I think the best part is that he has found a group of friends so wonderful that I don't have to be worried about what he will be doing. He will make good choices, his friends will make good choices. The mom hosting the after party even called me this morning to assure us they would be supervising. And this was the idea of the boys planning the event! Love this group of kids. Love seeing my son make such good choices. Love, love, love having a teenager.


  1. How fun to read about loving having a teenager. =) You have amazing children!

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