Friday, March 13, 2009

A Birthday in Georgia

It has been a cold winter but I have made it to Georgia for a little warm up before returning to the frozen tundra. Well that was the plan anyway. The day before we left it was 80 degrees in Atlanta but they knew we were coming so bring on the cold weather. It was actually snowing large flakes as we drove into Nashville on the way down. We huddled at a rest stop in the entry building with our picnic cooler downing a quick lunch instead of wandering the area stretching our legs. It is certainly warmer than MN but not exactly the warm up I was hoping for. Today was probably in the 60's but with a cool breeze and no sun. It is supposed to be in the 50's the rest of the time and rain is predicted for every day. However, the weather was only a side note to the big event we came for. Isabelle's cousin, Grace, was born 9 days after her and Grandma, Isabelle and I have cruised into town to celebrate her 4th birthday.

Grace loves the color Orange so it was an Orange fiesta party. Grace is having a great time playing and partying with her "best friend" Isabelle. Isabelle is having fun with all her cousins but definately isn't used to the constant activity they have here. The party was great. My sister is the master party planner and it was fun to be part of even one of her "simple" parties. I learn alot from her parties and am getting better at throwing my own. She is doing a wonderful post about Grace and Isabelle which I highly recommend you go check out. Here are a couple fun pictures from the party today:

Here they are with the cake. Before this we had made a craft, played a relay candy game, hit a pinata and danced with silly string and a room full of orange balloons.

The sweet birthday girl

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  1. Mental note, Need to work on how to hold a bat after we master the holding scissor.