Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sturdy and Plain

You know Mozart?  Um, yeah, everyone knows who Mozart is.  Current celebrities of our day could only wish to have the sort of lasting fame and notoriety for their work that Mozart has.  Mozart wrote and in his lifetime performed some of the most famous pieces of music ever written.  He is considered a master of music, the best of the best.  Recently his violin and viola were taken out of storage and brought to the United States to be played.  Even though I am not music master I can appreciate the significance of this moment, the awe one would have at the opportunity to touch and play the violin or viola used by Mozart.  As you read about it in this article you can sense the enthusiasm of the musicians chosen to play them in Boston.

Despite the amazing music these instruments created in their lifetime, they aren't anything special.
They were made in the early 18th century as workhorse fiddles — sturdy and plain, and meant as tools. They're not as splendid or highly ornamented as the instruments you would find at a royal court during this time, or the instrument a full-time virtuoso would use. But they still are the vessels of Mozart's legacy.

 My life is full of workhorse fiddles.  Those instruments necessary for success in my life that are study and plain, nothing to write home about, they do their job but don't overly impress.  It is easy to think you need the right stuff to be successful, to do great things.  Realtors drive clients around in nice cars not cars with dents in the front bumper and spilled paint in the back seat.  Edina mom's wear the latest trendy look not the shirt they bought at Target 4 years ago.  People who entertain have big and perfectly decorated houses not tiny townhomes with hand-me-down furniture.

If only we had a better violin, a better car, a better wardrobe, a better house, a better bike, a better, computer, etc, then we could be truly remarkable.  Then we could really make a difference and be significant.  Yet Mozart didn't have that, just a simple workhorse fiddle, sturdy and plain.  And he changed the world of music with it.

Several years ago we gave John's childhood saxophone to someone in Kenya. This instrument was nothing fancy, just a student version, cheap and meant to help kids learn.  But it still plays beautiful music and is being used to help people worship the Lord in Kenya.

It isn't about the instruments, it isn't about the car, the clothes, the home, the sports equipment, the tools.  Those things don't make you great it is the work you put into them, the time, the care, the talent you bring.

Some days I feel like I am just a workhorse fiddle.  Plain and sturdy, I have use but am nothing to get excited about.  I have skills but I am not the best at any of them.  I have talents but they are largely undeveloped.  Yet in the right hands, in the hands of a Master, I can do amazing things if I just let Him take the lead.  I may be insignificant in my own hands but in God's hands I can be used to create and do truly amazing things.
Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Is 64:8

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