Friday, March 15, 2013

8th Birthday

PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I figured it out.  Have you missed my pictures as much as I have missed sharing them?

Just in time to celebrate someone's birthday.

Step One:  The family party.

Open Presents

 Blow out candles.  She requested decorate your own cupcakes this year.

She discovered "DC Cupcake" on netflix.  Our life will never be the same again.

Step Two:  The birthday breakfast

 Step Three:  Shopping!  Grandma sent us money for new bedding.   A day at the mall, what 8 year old girl doesn't love that?  She also got an outfit from Justice (HAD to be from Justice) and a new pair of shoes.  She is all in on fashion.

Step 4:  Ear Piercing!  We had been talking about it for months and then totally forgot on birthday shopping day so we returned the following weekend for the big event.


The down side of 8 years old is that I have started saying, "I am not going to ... for you, you are 8 years old."    Sort of a version of, "I am 40 years old, I am not going to..."  Trying to dial that back a little bit.  8 years old should be fun not a punishment!

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