Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be in it

I have noticed lately that I have several friends going through transition.  While none of them are in a transition like mine the fact is that a transition is a transition and we are sharing similar quirks.

Like most people, when I see friends struggling I want to do or say something to make it all better.  To move them past the pain, the transition and out of the funk, back to being my regular happy, healthy friend.

But, having been in the position of being the sad, struggling friend a few times I know there isn't anything anyone can say to make it go away.  When I was trying to get pregnant there was nothing anyone could say that would change the fact that I wasn't pregnant.  I had to go through the process, let God work in my heart and my life and find my way through.  It wasn't fun but I cherish that time in my life and the personal growth I experienced through it.  Now I am transitioning from homemaker to working mom.  A year into this transition I am starting to feel more comfortable and accepting of my new working life but I am also still making changes and still trying to find my place in the workforce while John is in school.  I am becoming something different and that process isn't always fun.

What I have learned from the times of struggle in my life is that the best thing to do is just be in it.  Be in your life, be in the transition.  Don't fight it, don't deny it, don't rush through it, just be in it.  Experience it.  And the friends who are willing to let me do that are the ones who offer the greatest encouragement.

Ps 46:1a “Be still, and know that I am God.

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